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about us

The EHU Quantum Center is a research center at the University of Basque Country UPV/EHU, devoted to Quantum Science, Technologies and related disciplines . The center’s mission is based on three interconnected pillars:

The EHU-QC is characterized by covering a wide spectrum of topics from the most fundamental to the applied.

Key to solve the so-called “quantum bottleneck”, a lack o people trained in quantum related areas due to the growing demand for quantum knowledge.


Connections between the center and compaies both locally and internationally


We are a powerful team of more than  80 members (UPV/EHU permanent members, Ikerbasque professors, Ramón y Cajal, postdocs and PhD students). We are distributed among 6 Faculties, 9 Departments and the 3 Campuses. of the University of the basque Country). We are born with the will to integrate groups and territories. In addition, the possibility of incorporating external collaborating personnel into the center gives us the ability to structure a wide quantum network in the Basque Country.


Unite and coordinate

Unite and coordinate members, groups and activities, inside and outside the UPV/EHU to optimize resources and create new collaborations.

Contribute to excellence

Contribute to scientific excellence by conducting  cutting edge research in Quantum Science, Technologies and related areas

PROVIDE services

Provide service, responding to the social and companies demand for “quantum development” through advice, training, and collaborations.


Participate in public and private quantum networks and initiatives.